Winterhouse is very pleased to announce that we have received a Class A fire rating on our veneer covered panels. We have spent the last three years researching, developing and testing our panels to get to this point. Our client, SnapCab, has been asking us to develop this for use in elevators. SnapCab previously used Eggers Industries (Wisconsin) to supply these panels, but really wanted to work with someone local.

Winterhouse has been making veneer and laminate panels for SnapCab for years, but never had the fire rating needed for a large part of their market. SnapCab started using Eggers Industries about two years ago, but really wanted a local vendor for this product. SnapCab is very pleased to now be able to offer Winterhouse’s superior workmanship, along with it’s unprecedented quality control, to their clients.

Our panel is made with top quality veneer in a wide range of species. What really sets Winterhouse apart is that we have a top quality furniture grade finish. We have been able to receive this fire rating through cores, glue and a proprietary finishing process.

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