Tree House to Custom Cabinets?

Mike's Tree House

Mike was brought into the world of remodeling very early in life by his father, but not how you might think.

Mike’s father came home one day and said, “I’m going to build you and your sister a tree house.” The only problem, well the first problem was, dad had no idea how to build a tree house, he built custom cabinets.

The next day, dad and son traipsed off to the public library to do research. When Mike first entered the library, he was met with the sound of dress shoes on a hard linoleum floor and the smell of old paper and cleaning supplies – he’ll never forget it. Mike and his dad started at a thing called a “card catalogue” (remember this is the 1970s, so no Google to help). With the assistance of the card catalogue, they located the books on building tree houses.

After going through several books, they had a plan. Mike watched and helped his father through the whole process. When they got stuck, back to the library they would go. When the tree house was done, it was quite a sight. It had 2 stories, a front porch with railings, windows, a front door and even a cedar shake roof. Dad had a tendency to go over the top (just a little). While the door and windows were wood, they all opened and closed. Needless to say, mom was not happy. She was now known in the neighborhood as the woman in the house next to the tree house.

Mike has never forgotten how easy the job was when you do your research ahead of time. Mike has used this philosophy at Winterhouse and it has made jobs run very smoothly. Sure, there’s always little problems that arise in every job and the unforeseen can throw everyone for a loop, but that’s when Winterhouse shines. Mike has put into place a group of people that thrive under pressure and are prepared to complete even the most complex jobs to the client’s satisfaction.